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Buying a Car Lift for Your Home Garage

A vehicle lift or popularly known as a car lift makes for an important investment for your home garage. In the recent times these have grown in popularity among homeowners who have a limited storage space in their garage. These are quite easy to use and are worth the money that you put in. Picture a scenario, you have limited space in your garage but two cars. Storing the second one is no more a problem with car lifts for home garages. There are other benefits as well that installing a car lift in a home garage can provide.

Reasons You Should Have a Car Lift in your Home Garage

  1. A vehicle makes for a sizeable investment for anyone. When you have more than one car at home but no space it could be a problem. But having a car lift allows you to store more than one vehicle in your garage. Depending upon the space available in your garage you can turn it into a two of a four-car garage.
  2. A car lift allows you to have additional storage space to store extra vehicles. This in a way helps in protecting your vehicle as well. When a vehicle is stored indoors it is safe from theft and also vandalism.
  3. In regions that face extreme weather conditions like snow and rains you no longer have to keep your vehicle at a storage facility. It not only keeps the vehicle safe but also saves the cost of the of the storage facility.
  4. Having car lifts for home garages makes the vehicle maintenance an easy and enjoyable job. They help you have a much better access to the vehicle during minor repairs at home. You no longer need to roll under your vehicle or lay on your back.
  5. These lifts are not only helpful for sedans. Depending upon the weight capacity they can easily be used for other vehicles like vans, SUV’s and also pickup trucks.

Types of Car Lifts for Home Garages

  1. One of the most common types available are the two post lifts with sturdy posts and stable arms.
  2. These are cost-effective alternatives that offer great space saving convenience. These take up very little space in your garage.
  3. There are four post lifts also available with increased weight capacity. They also have more variety of accessories as well. The only disadvantage is that they are a tad pricier than the other varieties.
  4. Scissor Vehicle Lifts are another variety that is useful in commonly for servicing your vehicle from beneath. Hence it does not offer much height in comparison to other lifts.
  5. If space constraint is a factor in your garage then the portable car lifts are an ideal choice. You can find the portable versions of all four post lifts, two post lifts and scissor lifts. The only disadvantage being these have limited functions.

Buying a Car Lift for Your Home Garage

If you are planning to invest in a car lift for your home garage it is important to keep a few factors in mind. Ensure that the lift you buy can withhold the weight of your car. Another important aspect to consider is the lift height. Lastly, speed the car lift takes to raise or lower fully is also an important factor to be considered.