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Northern European Roof Tile Shingles

┬áIt is still possible to acquire these type of floor tiles for your home, however you need to understand that such roof product is much heavier than composite or cedar shake roofing. It is as a result necessary to guarantee that your residence’s structure has the ability to bear the higher lots prior to purchasing these materials – which are likewise considerably extra expensive than conventional roof and calls for a great deal of ability to mount successfully.

Although ceramic as well as clay floor tiles are generally connected with the Mediterranean nations, shingle roof tiles have long been made use of in house building and construction in the colder, wetter regions of England, Germany and France. These extremely durable ceramic tile shingles are made from kiln-fired clay like their Mediterranean counterparts; they may also be made from concrete.

English Style

English roof tiles are an ancient custom that returns as far as Norman times. Given that the 1200s, English roof tiles have actually been discovered mainly on the extravagant houses of nobles as well as aristocrats. It is possible to locate English ngoi tot nhat roof tiles in a variety of colors and shapes; this appearance penalty on virtually any style of home.

French Shingle Tiles

French homes that are most likely to have tile roof covering shingles are those located in Provence as well as various other rural areas in the southern area of the nation. At the very least one company in France has actually been manufacturing shingle roof tiles for over 450 years. Like their English counterparts, French tile tiles can be made in a number of different shapes, sizes and also colors, depending on the pigments utilized during the production procedure.

German Shingle Tiles


Northern European Roof Tile Shingles

While Roman society was a solid impact in Gaul and also Britannia – districts that at some point became France and also England – the Romans were unable to expand their empire a lot further north than the Rhine River. As a result, when the idea of ceramic tile roofing shingles ultimately arrived in the numerous Teutonic nations that would ultimately join to end up being modern Germany in the 1870s, they developed into special kinds that bore little resemblance to Mediterranean roof tiles.